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Knowing God's Will

I hear people discussing the topic of knowing the Will of God or following God's Will for your life, and it makes me wonder what people are really asking when the pose these questions. You see, we as human beings tend to hate not knowing something or not being in control, so sometimes in order to feel better or more stable as we go through life we seek some outside confirmation of our decisions. We want sometime to tell us that our decisions were wise or that seeking something or someone is a good choice. At the same time, we engage in something known as confirmation bias, which is essentially finding people or opinions that already agree with our choices. This leads us to going about life in a state of uncertainty and self-doubt.

We as Christians sometimes apply these same principles when asking about the Will of God for our lives. Should I move here, or take this job, or date this person, or whatever the question may be. Now, going to God with these types of questions is an absolute must, but I would encourage you to reframe how you approach Him. God has already made His Will clear in verses such as Micah 6:8 which says we are to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. When we go to God with questions about life, the focus is less on God giving us a direct answer, but instead on molding our hearts, minds, and lives to make decisions that best glorify Him. When we seek to be in tune with God, through studying the Scriptures, praying humbly, engaging in Christian fellowship, and worship, we start to become more like Christ and better able to make choices that honor God.

You may be asking exactly how this helps with your current situation and the questions you have about your decisions. Making good decisions comes down to growing in wisdom, maturity, and love. The decisions you choose to make are reflections of these attributes. For your decision, ask yourself which option best glorifies God, best loves others, and best loves yourself. Seek outside input from others and your community. Always go to God and let Him mold you into a person that makes wise and loving decisions, then you may see the situation more clearly. We will always have questions and crossroads in our lives, but what gives you clarity and assurance is knowing the God who is above all (Psalm 95:3).

May God richly bless you this day.

- Pastor Matt

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