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Greetings! Thanks for checking out our blog here at Big Springs Baptist Church! I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about my testimony, or life story. I was born in Dallas, TX and then moved to Knoxville, TN when I was 1. I lived in Knoxville until I was about 11 and then I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. Finally in 2015 I moved back to Dallas to attend seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary and started serving here at Big Springs in 2016.

I grew up in a Christian home with both my parents being believers. I remember seeing my parents reading the Bible regularly and we always went to church. I thought I had trusted Christ at a young age but I was really just going through the motions of what was normal for me. Moving to Myrtle Beach in the 6th was really hard for me as I had to leave all of my friends and familiar places behind and start over again in a new and unfamiliar city. Where I lived in Knoxville was very polite and gentle, so much so that I hardly new any bad words or actions. Then moving to Myrtle Beach my eyes were open to some of the dark and rebellious ways of my peers. I didn't get involved with any bad crowds but I felt empty and alone.

This feeling of having no purpose drew me to pursuing Jesus and going to church in a new way and in February 2008 I truly accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior after he convicted me that I had not done so when I was younger. I started to grow in my spiritual journal, reading the Bible and other Christian books, so much so that I didn't place friendships as a top priority or I thought they were too "unholy" for me to hang around. It wasn't until undergrad at Columbia International University that God truly showed me what close friendships are supposed to be like.

At CIU God humble me and showed me how important people and relationships were to Him. I learned so much as I majored in Pastoral Ministry and Theology. I met my closest friends at this time and have some great memories of having fun and serving God together.

After CIU I felt called to attend Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. I had some great mentors and professors that graduated from DTS and it felt like a great opportunity to further my education and experience. Currently I am majoring in Theology and Counseling at DTS as I have a desire to see people grow closer to God and understand Him and themselves. I want to help people grow into all God has made them to be.

Thank you for reading some of my story. If you would like to know more about me or if you would like to just chat, feel free to email me at mattbsbc@gmail.com or use the chat feature at the bottom of this page.

I would love to see you at Big Springs Baptist Church this week, so feel free to come on by and see what it's like to be a part of family seeking to glorify God.

Thank you and God bless!

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