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Our Church History

In 1874 nine dedicated Christian men and women assembled and organized Big Springs Baptist Church. They drew up a Church Covenant and Decorum to govern and express their intent. The church took its name from a spring of water that flowed a few hundred yards from the church and was valued by people of the community as a source of everlasting water.

Big Springs Baptist Church was one of the sixteen charter members of the Dallas Baptist Association and continues to support its ministries through over 500 churches in the Dallas Metroplex.

Many people associate our church with the Big Springs Cemetery. It was a part of the church from its first existence. The church continued to have responsibility for the cemetery until 1947 when it was given to the Big Springs Cemetery Association.

Big Springs Baptist Church started as a church in the country. Beginning in the 1960's north Garland and Richardson boomed. What had been farmland surrounding the church became houses and businesses. To accommodate a changing community, Big Springs built a new educational building and later expanded that building to include a fellowship hall, kitchen, and more classrooms. Recent changes to the church properties have included the renovation and modernization of the education building. The church offices were also moved into the education building freeing up the old office building to provide a space for youth activities.

Through the years, Big Springs has always strived to reach its community. Initially, that community consisted of farmland, large families and horse and buggy transportation. Now our community includes international businesses, blended and non-traditional families, and commuter trains.

We look back fondly, as we strive to move forward. Big Springs is a place where people can find a spiritual home and a warm, family atmosphere. We want to share that warmth with our community as we tell them about Christ. We eagerly await the most exciting years in the history of Big Springs Baptist Church as we move Forward by Faith, led by His hand. 

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